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Understanding Your Coverage

Always review your health insurance coverage information before
you schedule an appointment or procedure at a medical facility.
Every insurer covers costs differently, but most insurers
(including Medicare and Medicaid) have FAQs online and a
plethora of information to help you understand your coverage
and what it does and does not cover.

If You Have Health Insurance

Consumer Reports maintains an up-to-date list of insurers in Virginia.

Prior to scheduling an appointment or procedure with a medical facility, contact your insurer and:

  1. Explain the details - describe the procedure, where the procedure is
    taking place (in or out-of-network), when the procedure is occurring,
    and why the procedure is being done.
  2. Confirm the procedure is covered and how much you may be expected
    to pay out-of-pocket.
  3. Ask if there are limitations to the coverage.

If You Don't Have Health Insurance

The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA) has a plethora of information and resources to aid with navigating the Virginia Health Insurance Marketplace and the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

Quality of Care at Virginia Hospitals

Virginia's hospitals are committed to providing hospital charge and quality data to help consumers make informed decisions about their health care. Read the Virginia Quality and Patient Safety Scorecard, which measures the aggregate quality and patient safety performance of Virginia's hospitals.

Other quality resources:

  1. VHHA Center for Healthcare Excellence
  2. Virginia Healthcare Quality Center
  3. National Quality Forum
  4. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  5. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - Hospital Quality Initiative
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