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Welcome to VHHA PricePoint

Welcome to Virginia PricePoint, a user-friendly resource created to provide
basic demographic, quality and charge information on Virginia hospitals and to
promote consumer/hospital interaction. Virginia’s hospitals are committed to
providing hospital charge and quality data to help consumers make informed
decisions about their health care.

Virginia PricePoint provides:

  • Aggregate discount information for all acute care Virginia hospitals for the
    three major kinds of health care coverage – private insurance, Medicare and
    Medicaid. This information will help users understand how hospital's charges
    compare to the amount of revenue they actually collect for services provided
    to the three patient categories.
  • Hospital charge information for all Virginia hospitals, all services, and the
    average length of stay for each service.
  • Links to quality data and hospital/health system financial assistance policies.
  • General and contact information for Virginia hospitals.

Use of Health Care Information

As the consumer's role in managing his/her own health care changes, hospitals and health systems believe that understanding how to use this information is just as important as knowing how to access the data. For instance, in most cases, out-of-pocket hospital costs for privately insured patients are determined by their health insurance policies, which have negotiated specific discounts with a hospital or health system. The bill does not reflect the actual hospital costs. However, a growing number of Virginia residents are being covered by so-called consumer-directed health plans, under which the billed charge may factor into the amount that a patient would pay for a specific procedure at the hospital. In order to accurately compare charges from hospital A with hospital B, the consumer needs to understand what the data reflects.

Financial Assistance

Hospitals and health systems in Virginia have financial assistance policies designed to help low-income patients pay their hospital bills. These policies explain who is eligible for free or discounted care. Typically eligibility is based on the patient’s income level, but other criteria may apply. Assistance may be available to both uninsured and underinsured individuals. To get information on a particular hospital’s policies, use the contact information or financial policy web site link that appears on the query results page for each hospital, or visit the VHHA web site at To begin, click on the "Begin Query" button below:

Virginia PricePoint is sponsored by the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association, a nonprofit statewide trade association of Virginia's hospitals and health systems.

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